My last day at Equator

Nearly 4 and a half years ago, I arrived at the Equator offices with a huge sense of stepping into the unknown. I’d been a professional web developer for three years before that day, working in a relatively low-pressure environment on in-house projects, as the only web developer in an office of health researchers,┬áteaching myself Web Standards-based front-end development in the process. But I’d decided I need a step up and I wanted to see if I could work in an agency setting, with the attendant pressures. I wanted a challenge, but I was very uncertain if I was up to it.

It turns out the greatest challenge and the greatest reward I’ve had at Equator is learning all the stuff beyond HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Planning and scoping projects, reviewing and breaking down designs, communicating with others, managing a heavy workload. All the things that you can only learn by doing, and by doing within a group of experts. So much of what I do now is entirely due to the generosity and passion of my colleagues who were always willing to explain and share. I wonder if I’d known how little I was prepared for it, whether I would have stepped through the door in the first place. But I did and it turned out pretty well.

But, the time has come for me to take that step again, and find a new challenge to work on. So today is my last day at Equator Towers. I’m not moving far, but I’ll miss being part of this team enormously.

All the best for the future, guys. Can’t wait to see the things you’ll make and the successes you’ll have. And I’m looking forward to shooting the development breeze over a pint in the pub for a long time to come.